We offer small and medium-size speed boats for the water transport industry. Our boats are equally popular among the small owners and big corporations.

More than 33 years experience of boatbuilding in Bangladesh starting in 1982, creating floating solutions for those requiring specific help in order to sustain and sometimes survive on the various type of water, rivers or seagoing speed boat.

Golden Fiber Glass is the only boat building company who have the pride to be the exporter in this industry. In 2008 Golden Fiber Glass Exported 110 of fiberglass boat in Copenhagen Denmark.



GF 32 Feet Fishing Boat

Capacity 18-20 PERSON
Chair and Bench

Marine Diesel Engine

GF_32_Feet_Accomodation_Boat_speedboatbd (3)

GF 32 Feet Accommodation Boat

Capacity 18-20 PERSON
04 Bed, 02 Chair

Marine Diesel Engine



We are the leading provider of speed boats and we have custom built speed boats for sale. We can provide speed boats based on your requirements.

Fast delivery

All boats on display are made to order and require between 2 and 6 months to deliver depending on the boat model and engines choice.

International Shipping

We arrange to ship to any destination around the World.